On-Target Process
Step-1: Assess. Step-1 Assess:
Energy Plus Model: Gabriel Env. Svcs.
Step-2: Implement.  Technician installing Building Automation System in River Glen Presby. Church. 
			Step-2 Implement:
McNally Engrs Technician installing bldg. autom'n. system at River Glen Church
On-Target Process On-Target Process
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The On-Target Process consists of four steps working in harmony. To reap the benefits of the Program, we use the Energy Services Process as follows:

Step 1: Assess
Metering, utility bills, facility audits, Before and After computer modeling of facility energy use with Energy Plus, and energy engineering analysis are used to identify changes, estimate savings and probable cost. Potential improvements meeting client objectives and economic hurdles become part of a [multi-year] Facility Improvement Action Plan.

Step 2: Implemen
Once the elements of the Action Plan are authorized, implementation begins. The Plan could contain energy- saving capital projects, no-cost/low-cost operational changes, an electricity demand response strategy, as well as assistance with gas and electricity procurement. Financing is determined. Grants, rebates, tax incentives [i.e. EPACT], and gifts may also be sought.

Step 3: Benefits
The benefits of the On-target process include: lower energy bills, better lighting, facility renewal, better temperature control, improved comfort, being more "green."

Step 4: Run-Right
Verify. The third step involves monitoring of operations, promptly identifying
and correcting inefficiencies.

BudgetWorks may be used to verify performance expectations. The Energy
Plus "Before" model can become the Baseline Budget of Budgetworks.
The Energy Plus "After" model can become the Operations Budget of
Budgetworks. Budgetworks may be used to calculate actual savings, and
identify operations waste.

Once the On-Target Process is in place, the sustained benefits of cost
savings, facility renewal, energy awareness, and a smaller carbon footprint
may be realized.
Step-4: Run Right.  Budgetworks MeterGroup report shows Actual energy use [Blue] compared to Budgeted use [Red Line]. Energy Plus was used to define the Budget model using real-time weather data.
Step-4 Run Right:
Energy Plus MeterGroups with Energy Plus "Budget