BUDGETWORKS is a web application that puts buildings on energy budgets is now available. It uses a [near real-time] data feed from an on-site data recorder. BUDGETWORKS can do the following:
   1. Monitor Actual energy use and cost (with 15-minute updates).
   2. Calculate energy and cost savings relative to a Baseline.
   3. Simulate the impact of energy conservation changes before they are made.
   4. Calculate the "slip", if any, of actual use after the changes are made.
   5. BUDGETWORKS puts buildings on an energy budget [or Target].

If Personnel are expected to operate the facility in accord with the budget, operational savings will occur and buildings will continue to operate at peak efficiency.

BUDGETWORKS is designed to assist energy services and performance
contracting. It is used to:

   - Simulate Baseline and Target performance,
   - Calculate the energy/cost impact of various changes before they are implemented,
   - Track Actual Savings after implementation, and
   - Encourage on-going Efficient Operation.

BUDGETWORKS assists Management with Performance Reports.

BUDGETWORKS helps Operations with real-time high and low limit Alarms sent to your smart phone.

BUDGETWORKS is unique.

For the history of Budgetworks, see Classic BUDGETWORKS. here.

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