On-Target Service

  On-Target Service is a carefully selected collection of products and services designed to
  identify wasteful building operations. Once corrections have been made, On-Target Service
  helps keep building operations efficient.

The small footprint monitoring program that causes operators to save energy by identifying energy waste. BudgetWorksTM establishes a performance expectation. Operators are encouraged to “Beat the Budget!”

Building Automation
Now small-to-mid-sized buildings can benefit from networked building controls formerly reserved for large buildings. McNally Engineers can help.

McNally Engineers is a retro-commissioning service provider. Simply put, retro-commissioning seeks to identify and resolve processes and systems in buildings that do not function as they should. From office buildings to factories to hospitals, McNally Engineers is adept at finding and fixing energy waste, discomfort, system failure, and other problems in buildings.

Energy Audit
Inventories building equipment and characteristics. Modeling techniques are used to identify conservation projects. State grants are available for this service. McNally Engineers is associated with energy audit programs administered by SEDAC and Commonwealth Edison which provide energy audit services at low or no cost to building owners.

On average, we find projects to reduce energy costs by 30%.

Energy Rebates and EPACT Tax Credits
We help you take full advantage of state and federal energy rebates and tax credits [EPACT]. For a recent lighting retrofit project the rebate was over $30,000. A recent EPACT income tax credit was over $200,000.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” The use of Budgetworks, small- footprint metering systems is the key to Step-3 of the “On-Target” Energy Services process. For manufacturing applications, Industrial Budgetworks is used to identify the energy required to manufacture each product. Waste energy and scrap is monitored. Targets to reduce carbon footprint of each product are set. Industrial Budgetworks helps manufacturers get greener.

Lighting Retrofits
A large portion of a building's energy use goes to lighting. McNally Engineers designs and installs high-efficiency lighting systems to meet customer requirements. Typically in retrofit situations, energy use is reduced by 50% while illumination levels increase
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