"When a space is legally occupied, it should be well-lit and conditioned.
When a space is not legally occupied, it should revert to low energy-using plant-protection levels."

                                                                                McNally Engineers' philosophy of building control.

Until now building automation systems weren't as smart as they claimed to be, and needed to be!
McNally Engineers approaches control strategies a little differently...
We feel all buildings should be smarter.
McNally Engineers has partnered with Honeywell and Delta Controls to offer systems that are more than glorified time-clocks.

Our systems save more energy by enabling deeper temperature setbacks.

We install systems that allow people to come and go - comfortably. When spaces are unoccupied, not only do the lights go off, but temperatures are also dialed back --- automatically.

Our systems offer protected internet access. No need to make special trips just to turn on the air conditioning. Control changes and facility monitoring may be done remotely.

Trends let you see how the building is being used and performing at all times during the day and night. Energy waste is easy to identify.

While buildings of any size can benefit from our control systems, our target market is the small to mid-sized building.
McNally Engineers' CONTROLS: Schematic and Temperature Summary [mouseover]
McNally Engineers' CONTROLS: HVAC Zones and Trends [mouseover]
McNally Engineers' control systems also interface with the On-Target / BUDGETWORKS Monitoring System which puts buildings on an energy budget and also calculates how much energy has been saved.
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