On-Target Value Proposition

  Value Statement

  A comprehensive, self-funding program of:
    - Facility Renewal
    - Operations Cost reductions
    - Energy Procurement Assistance
    - Energy Education
    - Energy Awareness
    - Environmentally sound


  1. Energy reduction by as much as 50%.
         (Our average reduction is 30%)

  2. Energy Cost Containment.

The On-Target Energy Services Value Proposition is both comprehensive and aggressive. Buildings need renewal as they age.

Technology updates allow for efficiency improvements. Energy consumption reductions of as much as 50% may be attainable.

Deregulation offers opportunities.
We work with providers to find electricity and natural gas offerings that suit the goals and temperament of our clients. For some, price stability is important; while others are willing to carry greater risk in search of greater rewards.
New Trier High School New Trier High School
NIU University Plaza, DeKalb, Illinois Energy Plus Model: NIU University Plaza, DeKalb, Illinois
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