With On-Target Energy Services, buildings of all sizes, can...

- run more efficiently
 - use less energy
- cost less to operate

  Maximize Savings
  The average energy savings potential identified by McNally Engineers is 30%.
  Our common-sense approaches to making buildings more efficient delivers results.
  Imagine an energy bill for your facility that is 30% less.

  Accuracy, Not Guesswork
  Most our our energy evaluations make use of energy modeling.
  Energy Plus is used for this purpose. When necessary, sub-metering and spot measuring
  techniques are used to determine internal loads.
  Accuracy is our main product.

  Why use the "On-Target" process?
  The On-Target process carries energy renewal a step further.
  Many times, improvements are made to reduce energy use that don't live up to expectations.
  Settings become changed, systems aren't completely commissioned, things break
  which aren't noticed.
  Our difference is Budgetworks. It keeps buildings On-Target by providing early identification
  of faults and unauthorized operations changes.

  Why On-Target is Different.
  The On-Target process includes a monitoring phase. After a conservation program is
  implemented, an energy use target is built for the new use level. If the target is not met, it
  will be known in minutes, not months!

  The On-Target approach is not only different, it's BETTER!!
Bell Flavors - Energy Plus Model Energy Plus model visualization.
Millenium Park Plaza, Chicago, Illinois
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River Glen Presbyterian Church, Naperville, Illinois
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